Vergleich Present Perfect Simple Past

 Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Present Perfect und Simple Past:

“simple past”:
eine bestehende Tatsache, ein abgeschlossene Tätigkeit oder Ereignis ohne Konsequenz auf die Gegenwart

„present perfect:  
Tätigkeit oder Ereignis mit Bezug auf die Gegenwart


„simple past“„present perfect“
I worked on this project.

He rented a car.

They were out shopping.


Wiederkehrende Tätigkeiten in der Vergangenheit:

Every evening we watched TV (now we prefer to read)

Every day he went to his office (now he works at home)

Every night he had a glass of wine (now he drinks tea instead)


Allgemeine Tatsachen, Eigenschaften oder
grundlegende Handlungen der Vergangenheit:

She was rather small.

It was a rainy day.

The movie was exciting.

The town was beautiful.

He had brown eyes.



In 1929, 2005, 2013

On Monday, Thursday


the day before yesterday

last spring, week, year etc.

when he was a baby


I have worked on this project, now it’s done.

He has rented a car, and now he drives to Boston.

They have been out shopping, now they are back home.
















Ever, never

This morning, this month, this winter

For, since,

Lately, just, recently

So far

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